So I have a lot going on these days (not alot – you can find him here).  I left a lucrative job in manufacturing management in early 2010 to start my own company called VAST Sustainability and now SuperCryt Technologies which is now working on a water decontamination technology that eventually you’ll be able to read about on that site.

I’m also a Commercially rated AMEL / ASEL pilot working as a delivery pilot for Van Bortel Aircraft in Arlington, TX and am moving forward on my type rating at CAE Dallas (formerly Simuflite) in the right seat program there.  The program is designed to give pilots an opportunity to gain experience in jet aircraft while helping CAE train their regular clients.  I’m currently a qualified right seater in the Hawker 800XP, 800, and 700 and am building a network toward being a contract pilot in that airframe.

Although my time seems to be significantly more limited than before, I still volunteer for the Civil Air Patrol, am a PADI Advanced Open SCUBA diver, and avid mountain biker.  Not to mention I like fixing engines and cars, shooting sports, running, and occasionally a bit of web development.

I plan on adding Parasailing to that list at some point as well.


So what am I doing here?  Well, as mentioned above, I’m working on my web dev skills to work on my other websites (VAST ) but I’m also making this a repository for events that don’t fit so well into Facebook.  Don’t expect a lot up front, this will take time to grow, but I’m looking forward to getting this site full of content.