Destroyed Shocks, POR15, and a visit to the ER

Well, it’s been an interesting week!  When I installed the new driveshaft, it required the pinion to be rotated up so that it’s inline with the lower part of the shaft (behind the double cardan).  Well, it turns out that rotating the pinion back pulls the shock mounts under the axle and the spring buckets rotate back into the path of the shocks.

With this double effect of the buckets and shocks pulled forward, the shocks were just taking a beating – to the point that it sheared the lower shock bolt clear off on the right side there were huge dents in both of the shocks!

Of course, when the shock bolt sheared and the thing dropped, the exhaust pipe melted through the shock boot.  You can also see the massive dent in the shock from the spring bucket.



Here you can see the actual spring bucket on the right side after taking the shock out.

IMG_3883With everything up and out, I decided it was time to clean up some of that nasty orange rust, so I took a wire brush to as much as I could and went through the clean / prep / paint process using POR15 paint.  This stuff is incredible.  So far, loving the effect.  I also bought a pair of shock mount offsets that bolt into the original shock mount location and extend the new mount location back.


Finally, to make extra sure I wouldn’t have any other problems, I cut into the spring buckets to carve out some extra wiggle room for the new shocks.  Note that’s the original shock in the pic that was just about to cause some major pain for me.

IMG_3907It was at this point I realized that the shocks I bought from 4WP were the wrong size, so I went back to the store with the old shocks back on, swapped the shocks out, and headed back to the shop.

I eventually got back to the shop and someone else had hopped on the lift.  Since it was so nice out, I figured I’d just use ramps to lift up the back end a bit and replace the shocks.  Left side came off nicely and the new one went on without any issues.

Right side, however was a different matter.  I took the 3 bolts out and the thing was wedged in place by the exhaust pipe.  After jiggling a little trying to figure out if I needed to jack up the car to get it out, I must have hit it just right, and the whole thing popped out and slammed me in the face.

Split my lip right down the center.  7 hours and 8 stitches later, I have a fat lip, a prescription for stupid strong pain killers, and a still unfinished project.  Luckily, the exhaust shop took care of a new exhaust and put the shock in place when I told them what happened.



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