Year: 2012

Cast Iron Cookware Refurbishment

The other day, I was re-seasoning a cast iron skillet that I’ve been using (and abusing as it turns out) because I could no longer keep my scrambled eggs from sticking to it when I cooked.  So, being the perfectionist

Status of my patent

So I heard from the patent attorney who is processing the patent I helped develop while I was at Saint-Gobain.  Apparently, they’re going through the paperwork for the international patent now as it seems like it will eventually be granted full patent

UC Denver – Masters in Global Energy Management

I just started grad school!  I’ve been looking at taking post-bac classes since I graduated from Rutgers University, even taking a few while I was in WV at West Virginia Wesleyan University while I was there.  Since I started my

My first real Cross Country

As I was towing a trailer towards Colorado just before Memorial Day 2012, I got a call from my good friend Brendan saying he had an excellent opportunity for me: “Hey, come flying with me tomorrow morning we’re ferrying Larry’s